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Published: `201/10 | View PDF

HPN- June CS Solutions The control test-BI relationship; re-cleaning "clean" containers; special foo

Published: 2017/-6 | View PDF

HPN-November CS Solutions Sterile expiration dates, addressing allergies with laundry service, daily

Published: 2016/11 | View PDF

HPN-Oct CS Solutions

Published: 2016/09 | View PDF

HPN-Aug CS Solutions Lubricating ortho sets; testing cart washers; flushing scopes with alcohol

Published: 2016/08 | View PDF

HPN-Sept CS Solutions; Double pouching results in corrective action citation; Understanding channel

Published: 2016/08 | View PDF

HPN-Aug CS Solutions

Published: 2016/08 | View PDF

When to reprocess stored scopes; CS department practice assessment

Published: 2016/05 | View PDF

AAMI BI & T - Characterizing Simulated-Use Test Soils Used in Reprocessing Validations

Published: 2016/05 | View PDF

Spring Horizons Roundtable Reprocessing

Published: 2016/05 | View PDF

Safe to Handle? Comparing Manually and Machine-Washed Medical Devices

Published: 2016/04 | View PDF

HPN-Keeping sterile sets dry; the 25-pound tray

Published: 2016/03 | View PDF

Maintaining instrument maintenance programs

Published: 2016/02 | View PDF

IUSS cycle frequency; differentiating sanitization, disinfection and sterilization

Published: 2016/01 | View PDF

HPN November CS Solutions - Setting standards: handling scope accessories, SPD dress codes, culturin

Published: 2015/11 | View PDF

Complying with AAMI ST91: Key recommendations for your facility

Published: 2015/11 | View PDF

HPN October CS Solutions - Monitoring temperature in transit; pitfalls of plastic, solidbottom trays

Published: 2015/10 | View PDF

HPN September CS Solutions: Absorbing moisture in orthopedic trays, mysterious washer test results

Published: 2015/09 | View PDF

HPN August CS Solutions - Stained packaging, segregating scope blades, proper handling of pouches

Published: 2015/08 | View PDF

HPN - New cleaning and sterility assurance products boost efficiency, safety

Published: 2015/08 | View PDF

HPN CS Solutions June; Maintenance documentation, alcohol rinsing, ultrasonic rules

Published: 2015/06 | View PDF

HPN-CS Solutions March Using Toothbrushes...

Published: 2015/04 | View PDF

HPN-CS Solutions March Fecal transplanting a reality; writing on peel pouches

Published: 2015/03 | View PDF

Improving the Cleaning Process for Flexible Endoscopes

Published: 2015/03 | View PDF

CS Solutions Feb 2015 SPD attire, inconsistent practices, reprocessing borrowed instruments

Published: 2015/02 | View PDF

CS Solutions HPN Jan Handling scopes, Ebola instruments, wet sterilization packs, EEG electrodes

Published: 2015/01 | View PDF

Sticking together on sharps safety

Published: 2014/12 | View PDF

CS Solutions HPN Dec Passing the buck on contaminated instruments, steam outages, washer placement

Published: 2014/12 | View PDF

Cool Aids ESP #1

Published: 2014/12 | View PDF

New Camera Technology Provides 'Fantastic Voyage' Into Future

Published: 2014/12 |

Sterilizing stuffed animals, missing IFU’s, HLD safety

Published: 2014/10 | View PDF

When are endoscopes, heat-sensitive devices ready to be handled safely?

Published: 2014/10 | View PDF

Sept CS Solutions HPN - Picking the suitable brush for the right instrument

Published: 2014/09 | View PDF

OR Today 2014 Company Showcase

Published: 2014/09 | View PDF

Aug CS Solutions HPN - Chemical Temperatures, Unbearable Conditions

Published: 2014/08 | View PDF

July CS Solutions HPN - Fans in CS? Ideal lighting for visual inspections?

Published: 2014/07 | View PDF

June CS Solutions HPN - IUSS containers, dirty floors, Standards of Practice

Published: 2014/06 | View PDF

May CS Solutions-Double pouching for sterile presentation? ATP use in CS?

Published: 2014/05 | View PDF

April CS Solutions

Published: 2014/04 | View PDF

HPN March CS Solutions: Failed sterilizer recall; IUSS intended for immediate use; scrub attire in c

Published: 2014/03 | View PDF

HPN Feb CS Solutions Packaging semi-critical devices; What is TASS and why is it a concern?

Published: 2014/02 | View PDF

HPN Jan CS Solutions Failures in Sterilization and Packaging

Published: 2014/01 | View PDF

HPN Nov Just how safe are stored endoscopes anyway?

Published: 2013/11 | View PDF

Oct CS Solutions

Published: 2013/10 | View PDF

September CS Solutions

Published: 2013/09 | View PDF

Aug CS Solutions

Published: 2013/08 | View PDF

July CS Solutions

Published: 2013/07 | View PDF

June CS Solutions

Published: 2013/06 | View PDF

May CS Solutions

Published: 2013/05 | View PDF

April CS Solutions

Published: 2013/04 | View PDF

OR Today Company Showcase

Published: 2013/04 | View PDF

March CS Solutions

Published: 2013/03 | View PDF

Feb CS Solutions

Published: 2013/02 | View PDF  

Dec CS CS Solutions in HPN

Published: 2012/12 |

ICT Reprint Articles/Humipak Ad

Published: 2012/12 | View PDF

Central Supply "Tools of the Trade": Tip Protection

Published: 2012/11 | View PDF

November CS Solutions in HPN

Published: 2012/11 |

HPN Reprocessing Endoscopes Begins at Bedside

Published: 2012/11 |

CPD Guy Offers CHIP Tips for Endoscope Reprocessing

Published: 2012/11 |

Reprocessing endoscopes begins at bedside

Published: 2012/11 |

CS Solutions-HPN Cost conscious chemical use; processing carbide insert instruments in the ultrasoni

Published: 2012/10 | View PDF

CS Solutions-HPN

Published: 2012/09 | View PDF

Sterile Processing Certification...Does it Have Value?

Published: 2012/06 |

Reprocessing rules for freestanding healthcare facilities

Published: 2012/06 |

HPN CS Solutions; SPD performance standards; maximum instruments in washer basket; stacking sterile

Published: 2012/05 |

Keeping Surgical Instruments Moist

Published: 2012/05 |

Tools of the Trade. Instrument Stringers for Reprocessing

Published: 2012/05 | View PDF

Count Sheets; Where do we put them?

Published: 2012/03 | View PDF

Tools of the Trade; Endoscopy Reprocessing

Published: 2012/02 | View PDF

Updating and Upgrading Device Reprocessing: AAMI/FDA Summit

Published: 2012/02 | View PDF

Practical Guidance for handling Reusable Sharps

Published: 2012/02 | View PDF

Central Supply "Tools of the Trade": Peel Pouches

Published: 2012/01 | View PDF

Importance of Signs in the Healtcare Work Place

Published: 2011/12 | View PDF

Central Supply "Tools of the Trade": Brushes

Published: 2011/10 | View PDF

Central Supply "Tools of the Trade" Magnifying Glass

Published: 2011/10 | View PDF

Central Supply: The Heart of the Hospital

Published: 2011/09 |

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Healthmark Wins AdProbe Award

Published: 2011/09 |

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What you need to know about ATP Monitoring Systems

Published: 2011/09 |

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Tracking Cleaning Effectiveness_ What You Need to Know About ATP Monitoring

Published: 2011/09 | View PDF

Why Test Your Surgical Instruments Weekly?

Published: 2011/08 |

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CS Solutions July; Medical grade air; dry vs. moist instrument transport; multiple inspection magnif

Published: / | View PDF