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Innovative Uses of Healthmark Products During COVID-19

    One-Hour Indicator

    This 1 hour indicator tag is being used to identify that a procedure room is undergoing thorough cleaning and air exchanges prior to the start of the next procedure. This single-use tag can be hung on the door knob, or attached another way to the outside of the procedure room.



    Cool Aids

    Customers have ordered Healthmark's Cool Aids to help them keep cool under the layers of PPE that need to be worn to keep them safe during COVID-19.



    Custom Message Labels

    Healthmark provides custom labeling solutions to fit a variety of our customers’ needs. As facilities have started to reprocess N-95 masks, they’re looking for ways to clearly identify those that have gone through the decontamination process. One of the custom labels we’ve created for a customer is a small 5/6” x 1 ΒΌ” green “CLEAN” label with removeable adhesive that can put on masks after reprocessing and removed prior to reuse.



    Endo Bins & Trolley Set

    Due to supply shortages, many facilities are reprocessing N-95 masks after use. In order to transport the high volume of these masks, a customer is using our 2220 trays and trolleys, traditionally designed for flexible endoscope transport, to transport them between the point of use and the Sterile Processing Department.



    Floor Signs

    Healthmark offers Floor Signs for your facility to convey important messaging throughout the hallways, rooms and doorways of your facility.

    Fine Signs

    Healthmark offers customizable Fine Signs for your facility to convey important messaging regarding COVID-19.

    Ultraviolet Indicators

    With UV disinfecting systems being used for new purposes and used more frequently, customers are finding the UV Indicators (UVI-001) a useful tool to verify the use of such systems.

    Tray Identification Tags

    With the influx of ventilator usage, a customer is using Tray Identification Tags to track how many times the temperature probes have been sterilized.

    SST Tray Systems

    A health system ordered a large number of SSTs that will be used to transport N-95 masks to an offsite sterilization facility.