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ProFormance Cleaning Verification
Reveal the Hidden Areas of Surgical Instruments with the TOSI®

Reveal the Hidden Areas of Surgical Instruments with the TOSI®

Reveal the hidden areas of instruments (like box locks) with the TOSI® washer test, the easy to use blood soil device that directly correlates to the cleaning challenge of surgical instruments… Read More...

Make the Invisible, Visible with SonoCheck<span class="tm">™</span>

Make the Invisible, Visible with SonoCheck

It is invisible to the human eye, but with the SonoCheck you can test for the presence of cavitation energy - the cleaning power - of your ultra-sonic cleaner… Read More...

Observe the Inside-Out with LumCheck<span class="tm">™</span>

Observe the Inside-Out with LumCheck

LumCheck is designed as an independent check on the cleaning performance of pulse-flow lumen washers. Embedded on the stainless steel plate is a specially formulated blood soil which includes the toughest components of blood to clean. After washing, if the LumCheck is visually clean, the test indicates that the washing device is working properly. If residue remains on the plate, the LumCheck indicates a failure in the washing process, which requires further investigation… Read More...

Envision the Cleaning Performance of your Flexible Scope Cleaner with FlexiCheck<span class="tm">™</span>

Envision the Cleaning Performance of your Flexible Scope Cleaner with FlexiCheck

This three part kit simulates a flexible endoscope channel and is designed to challenge the cleaning efficiency of endoscope washers with channel irrigation system apparatus… Read More...

Mark the Cleaning Reach of your Cart Washer with CartWashCheck<span class="tm">™</span>

Mark the Cleaning Reach of your Cart Washer with CartWashCheck

Cart washers are important tools in the overall effort to reduce cross contamination. Often they are used to clean not just surgical case carts, but also basins, instrument trays, wheel chairs and other supply and patient transport equipment. The CartWashCheck is the first test designed to challenge the mechanical efficiency of the cart washer. Read More...



Designed to record the thermal disinfection temperature reached during each washer cycle, the CycleCheck® indicates whether water reached the surface of the coupon during the cycle. Simply, peel the CycleCheck® from the release paper and adhere to the surface of the TOSI® rack. Once the selected cycle is chosen and ran, the color of the temperature indicator dots will change from white to black indicating the thermal temperature has been reached and the water indicator will change from black to yellow. The irreversible thermochromatic (heat sensitive) indicator next to the hydrophilic ink dot will register temperature levels of 82°C and 93°C. The CycleCheck® can be purchased in a case of twenty-four. Read More...

SonoCheck<span class="tm">™</span> Hook

SonoCheck Hook

Manufactured from stainless steel, the SonoCheck Hook is designed to keep the SonoCheck in position to prevent movement by vibrations, allowing the user to check the different zones of the sonic tank. Simply attach the SonoCheck to the hook, insert into the sonic tank, run the equipment as directed in the SonoCheck IFU. The SonoCheck Hook is available for purchase in a package of ten. Read More...