I just got back from a week long trip to London England. The trip was all business - attending an ISO Work Group meeting as well as meetings with some of our UK based partners. Important stuff, but not the most important of my activities, if you were to ask my Wife and some of her cousins. For them, my trip meant a chance to purchase and bring home souvenir plates commemorating the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. As I explained before I left, I would return with the goods, if I could fit them in my carry on suitcase. My search began in earnest as the week wore on. Of course, every cheap tourist shop was selling plates, coffee mugs, etc. embossed with the image of the happy couple. But I wanted to be sure I returned with the "official" goods. During my travels, I asked the locals as I met with them about the "official" or sanctioned release of the Royal Wedding dish ware. The reaction I got was pretty much uniform from the locals, "They are selling plates?" While excitement is high amongst the population, apparently commemorating the event with plates did not strike the locals as interesting. In the end, I found the best product at the best price right in gift shop of the hotel I was staying in. As the saying goes, sometimes the answer is right under your nose.


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