The Sterile Barrier Association (SBA) is currently running an online survey to evaluate comprehension, usability and memory of symbols that are proposed to be in ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11607. The SBA is a trade association for companies who create Sterile Barrier Systems (SBS) for the healthcare industry. Both European and United States sterile packaging manufacturers use ISO 11607 for guidance in sterile packaging and labeling. The SBA is calling for the participation of AORN nurses in this international survey on Sterile Barrier System symbols. You can take the survey by clicking on the coupon section below. The survey closes February 17th. If willing, you may also register an email at the end of the survey for a follow-up survey on consecutive memory testing by clicking on the link shown at the end of the SBS symbols survey. We appreciate the time AORN nurses take to participate in this survey, giving important feedback to help shape the International Standard!


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