I began working as a sterilization orderly in 1975 and with this being Central Service Week, I remember a poem that at one time was on the wall of almost every Central Service Department. I do not know who wrote it so please forgive me, but this is how it went, to the best of my memory.   Central Service is the Heart that constantly pumps clean and sterile life blood throughout a hospital. Every department and every patient station must rely upon it for the proper care and treatment of all patients and the essential sterile supplies, without which no medical or nursing team can function. In January 2005 I had an article published in HPN called "Central Service: Do you know who we are?" I wrote "...I think it's important for all professionals in the hospital - especially administrators - to observe what happens in the CS department. In fact, I urge them to don a set of scrubs, booties and a hat and stop in at central to personally experience what goes on in this vital department. One will see hard-working employees doing everything from decontamination and sterilization to loading and transporting case carts, procedure trays, and linens. Take the time to let these employees know how important they are to the institution..." With this being Central Service Week, my hope is that we all celebrate this week together and remember what a dynamic department Central Service is because it is the "Heart of the Hospital". Proud to say "I worked in Central Service."


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