I received a call from my neighbor while at home about a week ago. He called to mention that while leaving his house, he believed he smelled gas and that it could be coming from my house. I went outside to inspect the area between our two houses where my gas meter is located. My neighbor's suspicions were true, there was indeed a gas odor and I could hear a faint hissing coming from my gas meter. I immediately called my utility gas provider and they advised me to leave my home and wait for them to arrive from a safe area. When they arrived they were able to fix my gas meter and they also use instruments to inspect inside the house for gas and dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. The instruments were meant to detect dangers that we could not see, hear or smell. SPD Professionals are presented with their own set of challenges. Instruments can have stains that come in all sizes, shapes and intensity. Sometimes these stains can't even be detected by the human eye. Cleaning verification tests, like the HemoCheckTM are very important in order to take the guessing out of evaluating the cleanliness of instruments. Simple tests like these will help you determine if the instrument is clean and even indicates if there are traces of blood residue. Lets keep the new year clean & safe!


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