In high school, I received my first pair of contacts. I remember the difficulty of trying to touch your own eye ball with this tiny lense on your finger. At first, it was an adjustment, but over time I became used to the process and it became a part of my every morning and night routine. I did, however, always have issues with cleaning and maintaining permanent contacts. They were also easy to damage so I always tried to take good care of them. Sometimes that is easier said than done. On many occasions, I have dropped, ripped or even lost my contacts. One day my prayers were answered when contact companies started offering disposable contacts. Finally, only minimal cleaning was required and after the recommended use, I would just throw them away. What a great concept for someone like me! Some people prefer permanent contacts, but I'm just not one of those people. Instrument cleaning brushes are the same way in regards to the user's preference. With that in mind, we started offering LTA Disposable Brushes. They are manufactured for cleaning the internal channels of medical devices. The disposable brush heads pair with our reusable G-Flex Wands, and can be disposed of and replaced between uses. Simply unscrew the existing brush head with minimal effort and replace it with a new one.


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