Mother's Day was this past Sunday. A day for celebration of motherhood, maternal bonds, and the expansive influence mothers have on society. Its often marked by flowers, heartfelt cards and gifts. The good thing about gifts, Mother's Day presents in particular, are that there are so many options to choose from. However, the downfall is that with an increase in options comes a variety of choices. As many of you have experienced, gift wrapping can prove to be quite the challenge. If the gift is any shape besides a perfect rectangle, you can forget about it looking pretty. But even with those rectangular shapes, sharp corners can cause tears in the wrapping paper. Growing up my mom and I baked something different every weekend. Her personal favorite was peanut butter cookies. This Mother's Day, I decided to upgrade my mom's bakeware collection with some quality cookie sheet pans. When I went to wrap them, the steel edges cut through all four corners of my wrapping paper. I found myself wondering if the Central Sterile Supply staff ran into this problem when wrapping surgical instrument trays. Luckily, I could just use a few pieces of tape to close the corners, but when dealing with medical equipment, there's no room for shortcuts. The UnderGuard™ Tray Corners are made from pure cellulose EFG wood pulp and can be used to safely protect the wrapping from the sharp corners of the trays. The Tray Corners protect the tray while absorbing and dispersing condensate for better evaporation. This greatly facilitates the production of dry packs and assists the sterilization process. In a few simple steps they can be assembled and ready for use; they are even available pre-assembled.


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