They say that the most successful people never stop learning. Every day is an opportunity to learn a new skill or enhance knowledge of something already learned. Knowledge can be obtained by going to school, taking a new job or simply through experience. Truth is, we never stop learning everyday of our lives. Learning opportunities have become accessible without leaving your home. There are so many technological resources such as online classes, webinars, interactive quizzes, etc. Receiving training and educational opportunities has never been easier. These resources are there for you whether you need an answer to a specific question or would like to acquire additional knowledge for a specific skill. Are you in the GI department? Want to learn more about visual inspection and data collection for flexible endoscopes? Click here to register and find out more information about this upcoming webinar. You will want to hurry, the webinar is this Thursday, April 27th! Other webinars, like "Fun with Sonics", teach you about ultrasonic cleaners and help you understand some of the best practices. Click here to register; this webinar also offers a free CEU! Many of these resources are free to sign up. I encourage you to take advantage of some of these opportunities in order to stay sharp on particular subjects or to further your education.


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