New Orleans has Mardi Gras , here in Detroit we have what is called Fat Tuesday, or better known as Paczki Day. This is the day before Lent begins; a time for many to celebrate and enjoy "something" before they might give that "something" up for Lent, like a sweet pastry. So what is a paczki? A pączki is a deep-fried piece of dough shaped into flattened spheres and filled with confiture or other sweet filling. Pączkis are usually covered with powdered sugar, icing or bits of dried orange zest. A small amount of grain alcohol (traditionally, Spiritus) is added to the dough before cooking; as it evaporates, it prevents the absorption of oil deep into the dough. At least here in the Detroit area, the eating of a paczki is enjoyed by all. The eating of the paczki really brings people together and that in itself is something special. So today, wherever you are, find a local bakery, order a paczki or two and share with a friend. See where the conversation takes you. Take it from a person who eats more than one (more like 4 or 5), they are great. That is why they call it "Fat Tuesday," it is hard to eat just one. I think that is why they also call today "Fat Tuesday," after eating a few of these you will put a few pounds on.


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