May has been a busy month for many of us attending various meetings.AAMI is meeting in Baltimore, MD and IAHCSMM and SGNA just finished up their annual meetings. May is also a time when many schools are holding graduation ceremonies. For my family and I, that is what is taking place tonight. My youngest son Peter is graduating from High School (University of Detroit Jesuit High School and Academy). Peter's next stop is college (Loyola New Orleans) in the fall. So how does graduation day and meetings tie in you ask? For me it's networking at these events where there is interaction between people who are like-minded and share ideas. We had a story in the past about ASGE and SHEA posting new guidelines for endoscopes. Another story dealt with asking experts about reprocessing. Both are examples of networking in various forms. Peter and his fellow graduates will now need to begin learning this skill of "networking" as they begin on a new path. As they develop their interests and future career goals, they will need to network with people who are like-mined as they move forward in life. To all of those graduating this year, I wish you all the best.


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