Healthmark held a recent giveaway for CS departments around the country, and after personally reading through each and every submission, it seems that one theme runs throughout most departments, and that is a desire for recognition for their hard work. Many alluded to being "tucked away in the basement" or never having their group recognized for past CS Weeks. Most unfortunately, being addressed only for rare mistakes rather than thanked for successfully running a CSD while short-staffed or on a tight budget. From myself and Healthmark, I would like to wish you ALL a happy CS Week. As a 5-year veteran of this company, I can honestly say that Healthmark does not forget about those of you tucked away in the basement. From our educator working tirelessly to share every speck of knowledge he's gained from his experience working in the CSD, to our sales coordinator and support staff planning exhibitions and annual cocktail parties down to every last detail to keep you interested, informed and entertained. I've actually witnessed the development of a product by our Vice President at the request of a single technician. Every new product is introduced as the result of your safety or busy schedule being the number one concern. Many of my coworkers work hard to write IFUs to be easily understood to make your day a little easier, or put a wealth of other tasks on hold to find a solution to a customer service request because that's always what comes first. I'd like to say that Healthmark has never made a mistake, but in the event that we do, it's always addressed directly and promptly. Frankly, there have been times I was surprised to see how much effort was put into what seemed at the time to be such a small issue. But I've learned in my five years that's just the way things are done here. In almost every submission I've read, there was mention of departments "making improvements", working hard to establish a QA Program or managers not only requiring, but helping their technicians work toward certification. Here at Healthmark, we always look for ways to help you "stay out of the headlines" with regards to infection control. We'd like to thank you for putting in the effort to do just that. Every so often I hear coworkers return from a sales call or in-service at a clean and efficient facility saying, "That's where I'm going the next time I have to go to the hospital". We know that investing in you is an investment in our own safety and the safety of our loved ones visiting your facility. Once again, thank you for working through your long shift without cutting corners, adapting quickly to changes in management and working hard to learn new and complicated processes. We're sorry to hear it isn't so often that you're recognized for it. If we could award each and every one of you this week, we would.


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