As a Healthmark Territory Representative, I was pleased to see our company come out with a solution for the uncomfortable feeling of being so hot in the decontamination area. Even with the room temperatures in the suggested range, it is still quite a hot place to work with the PPE that one wears. On vacation this past July, with my grandsons in Florida's Disney World, I knew I would be facing the 90+ temperatures in the parks and decided to bring the Cool Aid products with me. They worked great and really help to cool me down in the hot Florida sun. The other day I was thinking about what would be a great gift for Central Service Week, and I thought, if I were back in the hospital, what would I give to my staff as a gift for thanking them for all they do in delivering safe and ready to use instrument to our patients? Something that my staff could really use. Then I thought about my experience at Disney World and I suggested a promotion to celebrate Central Service Week to Matt Smith - our Marketing Manager at Healthmark. As a new and very timely addition to our Cool Aids line of products is the Pink Cooling Neck Band - a stylish way to show your solidarity during Breast Cancer Awareness month this October. So fellow CS is that promotion and Happy Central Service/SPD Week!!


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