I have never participated in Black Friday shopping, but I have heard all the stories. Waiting in line, dealing with massive crowds and of course the great deals that are offered. Everyone has a different approach to shopping for the holiday season. In the past, I would do all my shopping last minute, but now I try to plan out in advance and do everything online. Well at least as much as possible, I must admit I still do some last minute shopping. I have learned that the more you plan you can take advantage of certain rewards programs. They can be through your credit card, retailers or really any business that offers a loyalty program. Many of these programs vary from points to cash back and can add up down the line towards discounts and save you money. These types of programs can really add up so you will have more for gifts next holiday season or a gift for yourself. Rewards aren't just limited to personal purchases. Signing up for Healthmark's SPD program allows you to earn points for your department with every purchase of a Healthmark product.These points can then be used to purchase educational materials for you and your staff.


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