Long time readers of this newsletter know of our great fondness for our local sterile processing association, the Michigan Society of Central Service Personnel (MSHCSP). While it could hardly seem possible, our affection grew even deeper after last week's events. For many in the industry, perhaps including you our gentle reader, the months of February, March, April and May are a string of business trips, punctuated with an infrequent appearance at home. So it has been for the Healthmark team. So it was happy happenstance that this year's MSHCSP annual conference took place at a hotel just a few miles from our homes and office. That was just the start of the happiness, however. Firstly, we were able to present the Anne Cofiell Decontaminator of the Year Award to this year's winner, Mary Velasco. This award is normally presented at IAHCSMM's annual conference, but Mary was unable to attend this year's meeting in Columbus. Mary's essay was blindly selected as the best from a top notch collection of papers. Like every year, the submitted set of essays are shared with our team of reviewers without any information about the writer. So as luck would have it, it was serendipity that Mary is also from Michigan and attended the State meeting (Mary is, in fact, a past president of the MSHCSP). Though she could not be in Columbus, she was in Sterling Heights and we could present the well deserved award to her during the Banquet Dinner. Congratulations Mary! Secondly, our very own Ray Taurasi, was presented the Robert Hilbodt Award, MSHCSP's highest honor! The award is named for one of the founding members of the Association and is MSHCSP's way of recognizing industry leaders who have contributed significantly not just to the profession of sterile processing, but also to the Michigan Society. Ray, dating to a time well before he joined Healthmark, has been a frequent speaker in Michigan. It was so nice of the MSHCSP Board to recognize Ray's accomplishments. I paraphrase Ray slightly, when he said: "To get an award for something you love to do seems unreal. It is the icing on the cake." Congratulations Ray! As I wrote a few years back when the Board bestowed the same honor on our late Founder (known as Dad around these parts), many members of this group are long time friends, but they are also our customers. We at Healthmark could not be more appreciative of their patronage. These awards, the opportunity to present Mary with hers, and the presentation to Ray of his, leaves us even more deeply appreciative for these great people and this great association which is comprised of our friends and neighbors in Michigan. Truly, no place like home!


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