After a busy day, cooking a meal was the last thing I wanted to do, so naturally we ordered pizza. My 3 year old could not have been happier! I used kitchen shears to cut up the pizza for him in hopes of less of a mess. During clean up, I quickly rinsed these and tossed them in the silverware basket...closed. You can imagine that these hinged shears did not get very clean. I now had the extra work of scrubbing these clean. I wondered what the best way would be to hold these fully open in my dishwasher for a more thorough clean. Like kitchen tools, many surgical instruments are designed with a box lock, or hinge, creating a difficult cleaning area. Healthmark offers Adjustable Stringers that hold instruments in decontam open 5-6" for more effective cleaning of hard to reach areas containing bioburden. These can also be adjusted to the optimal width for instruments inside a tray for sterilization. The adjustable feature helps to eliminate the need for double inventory. Pair with the EasyStringerâ„¢ base to help simplify the stringing process.


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