Many of the articles last week dealt with quality. The ranges of topics were from double gloving, instrument processing to new AAMI standards being released. Each day we have new challenges, but, as we meet those challenges, it is the patient who should be the center in all of our choices. The quality of the care we give to that patient should be the center of everything we do. The new standards have raised the bar for many facilities; they have raised the quality bar higher but in the long run everybody will benefit, staff and patient alike. There are over 25 new updates in ST 79, here are just two of them:
  • In section 7.5 on cleaning verification "...Mechanical cleaning equipment should be tested upon installation, weekly (preferably daily) during routine use, and after major repairs..."
  • In section 8.3.4 paper plastic pouches "...Small items or instruments can also be placed in an all-paper bag...".
Again these are just two of the changes. If you have not purchased the updated ANSI/AAMI ST 79, now would be a good time. It is available at their web page Pick up a copy today.


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