As technology continues to develop, people become more and more dependent on their phones and tablets. I recently had a paper accepted for publishing discussing the effects of texting and driving. This is a great example of how technology use can have a negative effect on your daily life. With that being said though, there are many cases where technology use can be quite beneficial. Case and point: patient records. More and more often hospital records are being stored on servers for easy access by hospital staff. Phones and tablets are a known source of bacterial contamination. A common question asked is "Is there a way I can use my phone without having to worry about transmitting any bacteria?" The answer is yes! Here at Healthmark Industries, we are proud to introduce a new Small Electronics Sleeve. These sleeves allow for storage and use of phones, digital cameras and other portable electronics of various sizes. It promotes good hygienic practice in the departments, while still allowing for the use of these digital tools. Help keep everyone safe! Please don't text and drive and prevent the transmission of bacteria from your portable electronics.


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