As highlighted in the November 2009 issues of Healthcare Purchasing News, there's a new solution to "backdoor" or "after the fact" implant purchases. William Beaumont Hospitals in Michigan provide an indepth description of the hurdles they faced in managing their $30 million implant spend and the solution they deployed to this long term, industry wide challenge. Beaumont's solution is a web-application called HandOff®, from BlackTie Medical. HandOff® targets hospital supply purchases, mainly orthopedics, spine/neuro and CRM products that do not go through the standard purchasing process and are not represented in the Materials Management System's (MMIS) Item Master File. These informal and irregular purchases are usually high-priced items that are brought in by vendor representatives for specific patient cases and therefore, the process, pricing and transactions cannot be fully automated or controlled by the typical MMIS. The result is that hospitals are forced to apply significant labor to documenting and confirming bill-only product utilization, determining pricing and reporting on spend by physician and they often still miss out on applicable discounts. With a feature rich platform that includes physician/procedure documentation, contract price look up, capitation management, approval workflows, automatic requisition submission and reporting, HandOff® appears to be poised to establish a new standard for automation and accuracy. Read the complete article here Contact BlackTie Medical at


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