All the important events in life require reminders. Appointments, checkups and deadlines can easily be overlooked, especially as we get busy. Keeping a calendar and leaving reminders help us stay on track. When working with a team, it can be helpful to keep visual reminders, especially when sharing responsibilities. This is the reason Healthmark has developed the new 7 Day Indicator HangTime Label for our Endoscopy product line. Designed as a visual reminder for healthcare workers, the 7 Day Indicator HangTime Label consists of a small tamper-proof 19 x 40mm 7 Day Indicator adhered to a green 8.5 x 2.5 inch Self-Looping HangTime Label. To activate the indicator, no preconditioning is required, there are no moving parts, and no power source is required. To activate the indicator, simply press the blister at the base of the strip, and upon activation a safe dye migrates along a seven-day display run-out window, which shows elapsed time.


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