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Past Webinars

A Guide to Ultrasonic Cleaning & Verification

Thursday, May 12th 2PM ET with Tina Cole & Jason Simon


  • Brief overview of ultrasonic technology – how it works.
  • Types of ultrasonic cleaners – ultrasonic only, irrigating, thermal disinfection, etc.
  • When ultrasonic cleaning should be utilized
  • What is compatible (and not compatible) for ultrasonic cleaning
  • Verification Testing
  • Not all ultrasonics are the same – Mixed loads, medical device validations, critical water, AAMI compliance


An Updated AAMI ST91 for Flexible Endoscope Processing - 2 HOUR

Thursday, April 14th 2PM ET with Mary Ann Drosnock & John Whelan


  • Discuss the updated national standard, ANSI/AAMI ST91, highlighting key differences between the 2015 version and latest update.
  • Identify current best practices in the processing of flexible endoscopes as outlined in ST91 and other guidelines
  • Outline how engineering quality assurance parameters into endoscope processing can help to reduce Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) and Surgical Site Infections (SSI) and help to determine if an endoscope is patient ready


How to Pour a Proper Guinness - The Importance of Following IFUs

Thursday, March 17th 2PM ET with Stephen Kovach


  • Review the proper way to pour a Guinness.
  • Understand the legal issues when an IFU is not followed
  • Review all relevant standards and guidelines that pertain to Instructions for Use for medical device used in a medical device reprocessing department
  • Introduce a template for the IFU that aligns with ISO 17664


An Updated AAMI ST91 for Flexible Endoscope Processing

Thursday, February 17th 2PM ET with Mary Ann Drosnock & John Whelan


  • Discuss the updated national standard, ANSI/AAMI ST91, highlighting key differences between the 2015 version and latest update.
  • Identify current best practices in the processing of flexible endoscopes as outlined in ST91 and other guidelines
  • Outline how engineering quality assurance parameters into endoscope processing can help to reduce Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) and Surgical Site Infections (SSI) and help to determine if an endoscope is patient ready


Quality in Medical Device Manufacturing

Thursday, January 20th 2PM ET with Becky Gilsdorf


  • Review standards and best practices for medical device manufacturers (ISO 13485, FDA Part 820 Quality System Regulation)
  • Explain Good Documentation Practices and general principles on Instructions for Use (IFU)
  • Overview of Design Control and the examine the role it plays in manufacturing medical devices
  • Discuss the complaint handling process and how performing this effectively prevents Quality concerns


Purposeful Professional Development

Thursday, December 16th 2PM ET with Sarah B. Cruz


  • Execute effective objective driven goal planning.
  • Examine the different types of mentorship.
  • Define their industry expertise within the Sterile Processing Industry.
  • Evaluate the five aspects of ‘why’ to create actionable steps in professional development.
  • Determine how to incorporate all objectives into a professional vision.


Memory & Connections: Why We Are Training Technicians All Wrong

Thursday, November 18th 2PM ET with Adam Okada


  • Review how training of technicians is currently being done in our profession.
  • Identify why, "We've always done it that way" doesn't work for training.
  • Analyze what we can learn from other industries regarding training methods.
  • Explain how we can effectively train technicians in our complex profession.


What Are You Signing Your Name To?

Thursday, October 21st 2PM ET with Fred Alston


  • Explain different types of Steam Sterilization cycles and understand how steam is used to achieve lethality.
  • Discuss what parameters are necessary to achieve sterility and describe how “SAL” is met.
  • Discuss key points in the newly released ANSI/AAMI ST79 Amendment and other key things to visually inspect in, and around your sterilizer.
  • Understand what all the information that is in the printout means, before you sign it.
  • Put it all together and feel better about your part in patient care.


Cleaning Chemistries: What You Pick to Use Depends on What & How You Are Using the Chemicals

Thursday, September 23rd 2PM ET with Rod Parker


  • Learn what makes up detergents
  • What are enzymes and how do they help cleaning?
  • What are the best tools to support the chemical of cleaning?
  • How to select the best ones for your equipment


Building Quality Into Complex Instrument Testing

Thursday, August 19th 2PM ET with Jahan Azizi, Kevin Anderson & Seth Hendee


  • This presentation will examine the design of several complex medical devices and point out why their designs create a greater challenge for processing staff. The session will also examine damage to these devices and how the damage may have occurred. Lastly, the program will discuss quality processing steps that can be implemented to improve patent and staff member safety.


Regulatory Readiness

Thursday, July 22nd 2PM ET with John Whelan


  • Review the predominant standards that guide surveys for reusable device processing.
  • Discuss recent years’ “hot button” concerns for surveys.
  • Examine the impact of a failed survey..
  • Present opportunities for success – at the individual and department levels of practices.


Are You Compliant with the New ANSI/AAMI ST79 Amendments?

Thursday, June 24th 2PM ET with Seth Hendee & Cheron Rojo


  • Discuss and identify key areas for Amendment 1 Environmental Services/Fans/Food and Drink.
  • Review Amendment 3 Modification (Frequency of Cleaning for Routine Care of Sterilizers).
  • Discuss Amendment 4 Content Addressing Recording BI Lot Numbers.
  • Review and identify key areas for Amendment 2 Inspection of Insulated Instruments and review recent FDA MAUDE reports and other bad practices that support the new recommendations.


Is My Medical Device FDA Approved, FDA Cleared, or FDA Registered? What are the Differences?

Thursday, May 20th 2PM ET with Jahan Azizi


  • Define a Medical Device per Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • Describe Federal Code of Registration (CFR), 21 CFR and FDA.
  • Discuss how to Determine if Your Product is a Medical Device and the different classes are per the FDA for devices.
  • Discuss FDA review process for the Class I, II, and III medical devices and requirements.
  • Describe Medical Device Reporting (MDR), Safe Medical Devices Act (SMDA), MedSun and the MAUDE database.


Why We Do the Things We Do

Thursday, April 15th 2PM ET with Stephen Kovach


  • Understand the impact the Instructions for Use has on your practice.
  • Review the various standards and guidelines impact your practice.
  • Recognize the impact implementing a quality management system has on patient outcomes and improving your work practice.


Can't Live with them, Can't Live Without Them; Customer and Vendor Relations: Building Successful Cooperation

Thursday, March 18th 2PM ET with Steve Basile


  • Define Good Customer Service, how to build a relationship, and how to maintain that relationship at all levels.
  • Explore Common Traits of the most successful partnerships e.g., Trust, listen, speed, consistency, honesty, knowledge, and more.
  • Discuss if the relationship is strained, how to repair the relationship, and why a customer may switch to another vendor.
  • Review that price is only one element in choosing a vendor e.g., resources, education, innovation, and understand the different roles from CS Rep, Inside or Outside Rep, Management, and Clinical Support.


Disinfection on Manually Cleaned Devices; What You Need to Protect Your Staff & Equipment

Thursday, February 18th 2PM ET with Rod Parker


  • Understand disinfection chemicals used today and their testing for effectivity.
  • Determine what level of disinfection is needed for safe to handle devices.
  • Know the issues that make disinfection effective and the issues with not using them appropriately.


A Circle of Quality Program for Laparoscopic Instrumentation & Devices

Thursday, January 14th 2PM ET with Healthmark Educators


  • Review the anatomy of rigid scopes, light cords, insulated instrumentation, and cables associated with laparoscopic procedures.
  • Identify various key points of damage, how damage may occur, as well as how to prevent damage with laparoscopic instrumentation and devices.
  • Discuss various quality management programs to help reduce patient and staff injury, and surgical suite fires possibly associated with rigid scopes, light cords, insulated instrumentation, and cables used in laparoscopic procedures.


Ask the Educator; Unplugged Sterile Reprocessing Q & A LIVE

Thursday, December 10th 2PM ET with Healthmark Educators


  • Discuss hot topics in sterile processing areas that are relevant to healthcare facilities.
  • Outline new standards and guidelines related to device processing.


Ask the Educator; Unplugged Endoscope Reprocessing Q & A LIVE Part 2

Thursday, November 12th 2PM EDT with Healthmark Educators


  • Discuss hot topic in endoscope processing that are relevant to healthcare facilities.
  • Outline new standards and guidelines related to endoscope processing


C.H.I.P. Tips (Care, Handling, Inspection, & Prevention) Decontamination Edition

Thursday, October 29th 2PM EDT with Cheron Rojo


  • Review Sterile Processing tips in everyday tasks in the decontamination area
  • Understand the importance of handling instrumentation and equipment within your department on the decontamination side
  • Reinforce the basic technical principles that are used in the decontamination area
  • Understand the impact that standards and guidelines have in a properly functioning department within decontamination area that processes instrumentation and medical devices


Signed, Sealed & Delivered

Thursday, October 15th 2PM EDT with Stephen Kovach


  • Review the various types of packaging used in a medical device reprocessing department
  • Understand the Ten truths of packaging
  • Review standards, guidelines, and manufacturer’s instructions for use role in proper packaging technique
  • Understand the impact of poor packaging practices has on patient outcomes


Do What You Document & Document What You Do: Impact on Liability

Thursday, October 1st 2PM EDT with Nancy Chobin


  • Define documentation
  • Identify essential activities and processes to document
  • Discuss length of retention of documentation


Ask the Educator: Unplugged Endoscope Processing Q&A

Thursday, September 17th 2PM EDT


  • Proper endoscope processing requires strict adherence to IFU’s, national standards and professional society guidelines. There are many details in the process that are often overlooked or poorly understood.  This 1.0 hr webinar will answer YOUR questions (anonymously) on any topic related to endoscope processing.  Mary Ann Drosnock, Director of Clinical Affairs and Co-chair AAMI ST91, John Whelan, Clinical Educator and former system-wide director of HLD, and Jahan Azizi, Special Projects Manager and former FDA employee, will answer your questions LIVE during the webinar. Kevin Anderson, Clinical Educator and Host of Healthmark’s Ask the Educator Podcast will moderate the program.
  • Submit your questions prior to the program to hmedu@hmark, at registration in GoToWebinar, or LIVE in the Chatbox during the webinar


Proper Transportation & Storage of Reusable Medical Devices

Thursday, September 3rd 2PM EDT with Stephen Kovach


  • Review the various standards and guidelines that impact transportation and storage of medical devices within any medical facility
  • Define the terms used in medical facilities that deal with all types of transportation / storage conditions for medical devices
  • Understand the impact how improperly transported /stored medical devices can impact patient care


IP & SP: Building a Relationship You Can't Live Without

Thursday, August 6th 2PM EDT with Jill Holdsworth


  • Understand Infection Prevention & Control Standards and the importance of a strong partnership
  • Discuss opportunities and examples of how to partner with Infection Prevention in the Sterile Processing Department
  • Discuss specific challenges with COVID-19 and how Sterile Processing and Infection Prevention can partner together during a pandemic and other healthcare emergencies


Building A Strong OR/SPD Relationship

Thursday, July 23rd 2PM EDT with Kevin Anderson 


  • Understand the importance of customer satisfaction
  • Understand how general industry practice toward customer satisfaction applies to CS
  • Understand various factors that cause poor relationships with customers
  • Identify communication issues between CS and their customers
  • Explore options to help improve and enhance those relationships with all customers


Understanding the Role of the Infection Preventionist

Thursday, July 9th 1PM EDT with Mary Ann Drosnock


  • Understand who Infection Preventionists (IP) are and the role they play in healthcare facilities
  • Discuss terms and topics that will facilitate engagement between sterile processing and infection prevention
  • Learn how to approach infection prevention and discuss ways to prepare for a meeting with an IP


NEW! Healthmark Virtual Expo Hall

Friday, June 26th 2PM EDT 


  • Healthmark is excited to introduce our new Virtual Exhibit Hall! Come join us for a walk thru our exhibit booth to learn our complete line of products, including our newest items in our instrument protection line, labeling, and apparel.
  • Participate in our live scavenger hunt for a chance to win a new Apple iPad Pro!
  • Educational sessions for CE credits will also be offered!


Building Quality into Flexible Endoscope Reprocessing

Friday, June 19th 2PM EDT with John Whelan 


  • Review best practices for manual cleaning of flexible endoscopes
  • Review rationale and current recommendations for cleaning verification
  • Identify the levels of inspection for flexible endoscopes and options to improve inspection through use of borescope


Understanding Communication & Human Relations in the Workplace

Friday, June 12th 2PM EDT with Cheron Rojo 


  • Review communication types and interpersonal styles in the workplace
  • Discuss the types of communication walls and barriers that inhibit effective communication
  • Define injustice collecting and crucial conversations and types of confrontation
  • Discuss the types of storytelling and the managing rumors


Back To Basics Part 2: Packaging to Sterilizer

Friday, June 5th 2PM EDT with Seth Hendee 


  • Define visual inspection and ways to enhance that inspection
  • Review the 2018 FDA safety communication on the dangers of monopolar lap surgery
  • Review professional society recommendations for inspecting electrosurgical devices
  • Review recommendation for proper use of various packaging methods
  • Review proper loading techniques to allow for an effective cycle
  • Discuss three critical monitors used to demonstrate Sterility Assurance


Back To Basics Part 1: Point of Use to Pack & Prep

Friday, May 29th 2PM EDT with Seth Hendee 


  • Review donning and doffing of PPE
  • Discuss the importance and impact of Point of Use Treatment
  • Review OSHA transport regulations: Endoscope specific recommendations
  • Give examples of unsafe transport conditions
  • Define bioburden and biofilm
  • Review recommendations for equipment verification
  • Discuss automated and manual cleaning


Validation and Verification

Friday, May 22nd 2PM EDT with Brad Catalone


  • Define validation and verification and how they are different
  • Outline regulatory requirements and recommendations related to validation and verification
  • Review application of verification and validation in device manufacturing and use
  • Highlight commonly used tools in device processing for verification and validation


Signs, Symbols and Labeling, Oh My!

Friday, May 15th 2PM EDT with Stephen Kovach 


  • Review the various laws, standards, and guidelines that are used within medical facilities concerns labels, signs, symbols and tags
  • Comprehend the important role that labels, signs, symbols and tags play in any medical facility
  • Give actual examples of signs, tags, labels, symbols
  • Understand the impact of improper labels, signs, symbols and tags on patient outcomes and staff safety


SHOCKED: Do You Have Electrical Strays in Your Trays?

Friday, May 8th 2PM EDT with Seth Hendee 


  • Define terms used when discussing electrosurgery devices and procedures
  • Identify the different ways insulated instrumentation and devices become damaged
  • Review recommendations for insulation testing from various standards and guidelines: AORN, AAMI, AST, ISO, etc.
  • Discuss medical malpractice from electrical strays for damaged insulated instrumentation and devices
  • Describe solutions to preventing surgical burns caused by insulation failures


Building and Maintaining An Effective Team

Friday, May 1st 2PM EDT with Cheron Rojo 


  • Explain effective team building strategies for your department
  • Explain how to keep a team steadily cohesive and not fickle
  • Discuss Principles to engage your team
  • Discuss team building activities and exercises that promote collaboration for teams


Supply Chain 101 & COVID-19

Wednesday, April 29th 2PM EDT with Jean Sargent


  • Define inventory management
  • Describe strategic sourcing and value analysis
  • Understand Supply Chain’s role in disaster planning and response


Bridging the Gap Between BioMed & CS

Friday, April 24th 2PM EDT with Jahan Azizi 


  • Describe the complexity medical devices and accessories
  • Outline Biomed roles in Medical Devices Management
  • Describe SPD role in processing accessories on medical devices used in procedures
  • Discuss human factor issues related to cleanability
  • Review reported problems


COVID-19 Information for Sterile Processing

Friday, April 17th 10AM & 4PM EDT with Nancy Chobin 


  • Donning and Doffing PPE
  • FDA definitions for different PPE and their uses
  • Following Standard Precautions in SPD
  • COVID-19 Safety in the Decontamination Area
  • Impact on SPD – Reprocessing Single Use Devices
  • We are All in this Together! How to Succeed


Attitude Touches Everything, But YOU Shouldn't

Friday, April 17th 2PM EDT with Cheron Rojo 


  • Understand the power of attitude and how you get there
  • Define behavior from an attitude
  • Outline how to maintain a positive attitude
  • Describe how to motivate yourself
  • Understand “Gratitude in your attitude”


Monitoring the Cleaning Process

Friday, April 10th 2PM EDT with Stephen Kovach 


  • Understand that cleaning is a process that involves manual, automatic and ultrasonic cleaning
  • Outline that as a process, there are 9 inputs (factors), which produces an end result of a clean instrument
  • Identify that the result is that the medical instrument is clean, which is the objective measure of success
  • Understand the most recent AAMI Guidelines on monitoring the cleaning process


Optical Visual Inspection of Medical Devices

Friday, April 3rd 2PM EDT with Cheron Rojo 


  • Define visual inspection
  • Review the benefits of optical inspection of medical devices
  • Review various methods for optical inspection
  • Demonstrate examples of inferior cleaning exposed with the use of optical inspection


The Art of Brushing: You Are An Artist

Friday, March 27th 2PM EDT with Cheron Rojo 


  • Review steps needed to pick a brush to clean any medical device and vital skills and techniques to clean any medical device
  • Discuss anatomy of a brush and selecting the correct brush from your inventory
  • Identify the medical device to be cleaned and then examine the medical device to understand what you must clean
  • Understand the IFU for any specific brushes and the use of standards and guidelines when IFUs are vague