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Upcoming Webinars

Inspection & Integrity Testing of Insulated Instruments: Concerns for Failure and New Guidelines for Testing

Thursday, June 23rd 2PM ET with Cheron Rojo


  • Review the ANSI/AAMI ST79 2020 amendment that supports insulation testing of insulated instrumentation and devices.
  • Identify the different types of damage of the insulation and their root causes, while identifying methods that can protect insulated instrumentation and devices throughout the entire process.
  • Discuss the failure rates identified from the case study of insulated instrumentation and devices from the type of insulated instrument and device to insulated laparoscopic instrument trays.


Horror Stories from the Field

Thursday, July 21st 2PM ET with Healthmark Educators


  • Detail real world stories from our educators experience across the country to highlight common issues and problems.
  • Guide facilities on how to avoid the pitfalls that occur at low-performing departments.
  • Provide tangible steps for departmental and process improvement through continuing educational programs.


Safety First: Understanding Your Everyday Equipment, Tools & Ergonomics

Thursday, August 18th 2PM ET with Jahan Azizi


  • Define Safety
  • Review SDS
  • Learn About the Potential Hazards
  • Review Safety Signage
  • How Do you Make it Safer for Others?