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Ask The Educator - Healthmark Podcast


13: What is Delayed Processing of Endoscopes?

  • In this episode, Kevin Anderson and John Whelan discuss delayed endoscope processing. John answers the questions, what is delayed processing and how do we do it correctly?


12: Listener Questions and Feedback

  • Kevin and Stephen Kovach discuss customer questions and feedback to previous episodes. Topics covered in this episode include knowing your ultrasonic IFU before you purchase, and how to manage your water quality.


11: Hands Across the Water: An Interview with Harry Oussoren and Adam Okada

  • In this special edition episode we talk with Harry Oussoren, Sterile Medical Device Expert from the Netherlands, and Adam Okada, SPD Educator from California. Harry and Adam share what has changed in their respective departments during the pandemic, and whether or not those changes will last after the pandemic.


10: How do I Know that my Ultrasonic is Cleaning Lumened Devices Effectively?

  • Ultrasonic irrigators are indispensable pieces of equipment in any SPD. However, all of our cleaning equipment is subject to failure. We need to make sure that our equipment is working properly. In this episode, we talk with Stephen Kovach about how to know if our ultrasonic cleaners are cleaning the inside of lumens adequately.


9: Bonus Episode - Interview with Infection Preventionist Jackie Daley

  • Jackie shares with us observations and lessons learned regarding PPE during the pandemic.


8: What is Cavitation, and How do we Know Our Ultrasonic has Adequate Cavitation?

  • Stephen Kovach explains ultrasonic cavitation, how to test for it, and why it is important.


7: What Should be Done About Water Quality as Surgical Schedules Begin to Ramp up Again?

  • Surgical schedules are picking up again, and in some cases, very quickly. We talk with Seth Hendee about what happens to our water when our equipment is not in use, and what we can do to ensure the water quality is where it needs to be to avoid any negative impact to our patients. For further guidance on water quality, check out the reference AAMI TIR34.


6: Bonus Episode - Interview with Michelle Hoste

  • Michelle Hoste, SPD Manager and military veteran, shares how her team collaborated with other departments and Infection Control to come up with a way to safely process n95 masks, keeping their frontline equipped with the PPE they need to combat the pandemic.


5: How to Ensure Effective Competency Training

  • Guest Educator, Seth Hendee speaks about how to ensure proper competency training. Seth was formerly an Educator for a large SPD and had a lot of experience performing competency trainings. He shares two main tips to help us do it right.


4: How Do I Know My Endoscope Leak Tester is Working?

  • In this episode, we talk with Cheron Rojo, Clinical Educator at Healthmark about leak testers. Leak testing is a critical step in endoscope processing, but like many steps in the cycle of reusable medical devices can be prone to failure. Cheron shares with us great insight into how we make sure our leak tester is working.


3: How to Ensure Proper Cleaning of Arthroscopic Shavers - Part 2

  • In this episode, we finish our conversation with Healthmark's Educator Stephen Kovach about how to ensure proper cleaning of arthroscopic shavers.


2: How to Ensure Proper Cleaning of Arthroscopic Shavers - Part 1

  • In this episode, Kevin Anderson and Stephen Kovach discuss the keys to ensuring proper cleaning of arthroscopic shavers.


1: Ensuring Safe Transport of Contaminated Items in Light of Covid-19

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has led to many sterile processing departments being asked to reprocess items that are outside the norm. In this episode, we ask Stephen Kovach how SPD can ensure proper transportation and labeling of contaminated items during these unprecedented times.