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Upcoming Webinars

Understanding the Role of the Infection Preventionist

Thursday, July 9th 1PM EDT with Mary Ann Drosnock


  • Understand who Infection Preventionists (IP) are and the role they play in healthcare facilities
  • Discuss terms and topics that will facilitate engagement between sterile processing and infection prevention
  • Learn how to approach infection prevention and discuss ways to prepare for a meeting with an IP


Building A Strong OR/SPD Relationship

Thursday, July 23rd 2PM EDT with Kevin Anderson 


  • Understand the importance of customer satisfaction
  • Understand how general industry practice toward customer satisfaction applies to CS
  • Understand various factors that cause poor relationships with customers
  • Identify communication issues between CS and their customers
  • Explore options to help improve and enhance those relationships with all customers


IP & SP: Building a Relationship You Can't Live Without

Thursday, August 6th 2PM EDT with Jill Holdsworth


  • Understand Infection Prevention & Control Standards and the importance of a strong partnership
  • Discuss opportunities and examples of how to partner with Infection Prevention in the Sterile Processing Department
  • Discuss specific challenges with COVID-19 and how Sterile Processing and Infection Prevention can partner together during a pandemic and other healthcare emergencies


Overcoming the Challenges of Extracting Samples from Flexible Endoscope for Verification

Monday, August 10th 2PM EDT with Ralph Basile, Jahan Azizi, Kaumudi Kulkarni 

There is a fee associated with this program through AAMI. The cost for the sterilization track (5 programs total) is $125 for AAMI members and $175 for non-members. 


  • AAMI, FDA, and others are recommending cleaning verification testing and microbial surveillance testing as means to determine if a flexible endoscope is safe and ready to use
  • Extracting samples for cleaning verification testing and for microbial surveillance testing from a flexible endoscope has two main challenges:
    • Extraction efficiency is hampered because the endoscope cannot be damaged or otherwise altered, so that it can be used for the next procedures
    • Contamination of the sample during recovery, particularly bacterial contamination, is exceedingly difficult to prevent in the clinical environment. The presenters will review these challenges and describe a novel approach, using a closed-loop method, to address them. Data demonstrating the efficacy of such a method will be presented.


Sterile Processing and HTM Departments Collaborate for Patient Safety

Friday, August 14th 2PM EDT with Jahan Azizi, Seth Hendee 

There is a fee associated with this program through AAMI. The cost for the sterilization track (5 programs total) is $125 for AAMI members and $175 for non-members. 


  • The healthcare technology management professionals are in a unique position to collaborate with sterile processing departments (SPD) on enhancing patient safety.
  • HTM’s unique role in maintaining medical devices represents one of their many responsibilities, while SPD is responsible for processing accessories for many surgical medical devices. It would be a "win-win" solution if HTM/biomed departments included surgical accessories to their maintenance management system and performed pre-purchase evaluations of equipment, incoming inspections, and performance.