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ProFormance Cleaning Verification - ChannelCheck
ChannelCheck<span class="tm">™</span>


ChannelCheck is the first product capable of testing virtually any lumened instrument for residual organic soils, no matter the channel size. ChannelCheck tests for three common organic soils at once: blood, protein and carbohydrates. Simply flush an individual channel with prepackaged water and recover that water. Then dip the test strip in the recovered water for 5 seconds. Remove the strip, wait 90 seconds and then compare the color of the pads to the results chart. Should any of the pads indicate there is residual soil, reclean the item and then retest.

Healthmark’s new and improved ChannelCheck features improved sensitivity of the carbohydrate and protein pads. Also, the color and color change for the protein pad have changed to a white (negative) and to a blue/purple (positive), which enhances the visual interpretation of results. Further, the test method has been simplified to improve functionality and sensitivity.