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HPN - Considerations for closing then re-opening endoscope, processing operations

HPN Container Complexities

CS Solutions June - Scope storage, expiration; policy, procedure necessary for QA in SPD

PPE-Prepared for Prevention Every Time

When to reprocess stored scopes; CS department practice assessment

How to properly clean medical scopes and improve patient safety: 10 steps

Cracking the duodenoscope reprocessing case

May 2015 CS Connections

Are you meeting the current manufacturers’ requirements?

Value analysis is instrumental

US Senator Patty Murray addresses the FDA on Endoscope outbreaks 2/3/2015

Innovative surgical technology a boon in value-based care delivery models

100 Infection Control Products You Need to Know

OR Today Company Showcase

endonurse- Scope Repair Advice from the Experts

HPN 10/13 CS Storage Bins

Immediate-use sterilization should not be convient-use practice

Healthmark Offers Tosi for Sterile Processing

Sterile processing a new green machine: Sustainable SPDs deliver efficiencies, hefty savings potential

Industry leaders, including Ralph Basile of Healthmark, discuss sustainability trends and programs in the Sterile Processing.

Medical Device Reprocessing: Next Steps (page 28)

Best Practices to Keep Your Instruments Moist

Sterile Processing Certification... Does it Have Value

Instrument placement in ultrasonic; PPE in decontam; alternative shelf liners

A Clean Start: Priority Issues From the AAMI/FDA Medical Device Reprocessing Summit

Determining the appropriate soils that represent the soils from actual use is a continuing question for validation studies, just as determining the appropriate verification assays is a struggle for end-user verification, according to Bryans and two other summit presenters, Emily F. Mitzel, laboratory manager at Nelson Laboratories, Inc., and Ralph J. Basile, vice president, Healthmark Industries Company, Inc.

Super heated steam; shoes for SPD; proper use of containers for IUSS

Quality assured: SPDs improve processes, outcomes

"The healthcare field is dynamic. Scientific advances have brought about some incredible advances in surgical and medical technology and instrumentation, which has advanced the quality of care. This new technology is more complex than ever before and thus presents a great challenge to SPDs, relative to care, reprocessing and sterilization," said Ray Taurasi, MBA, CRCST, CHL, FCS, ACE, director of clinical sales and service, eastern region, Healthmark Industries. "SPD requires the tools, resources and knowledge to address these new challenges and ensure quality outcomes."