Last week was quite the week for celebration around here. It began Sunday evening with the SGNA in Austin, Texas. Then concurrently, the AAMI Sterilization Standards Committee met Monday through Wednesday in Alexandria. For me personally, a "side trip" to ASTM F04 Medical Device meetings in Indianapolis the week of the Indy 500 added was a brief contact with the great racing spectacle. After that was the annual Michigan CS meeting in Grand Rapids. There, two of our good friends, Martha Young and Penny Sabrosky, earned well deserved honors from the MSHCSP. Congratulations to you both! If that was not enough, the week reached a crescendo with the wedding of our very own CPD guy and his betrothed, Maryjo Lafata. It was a beautiful ceremony at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart and a great reception with perfect weather at the Detroit Golf Club. Congratulations to you both! Thank goodness for the 3 day Memorial Day Weekend, as we had the chance to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our Country, and also had a chance to rest up from a very busy week!


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