We must not forget that as technology advances, we as professionals within the CSSD/SPD and the OR need to keep abreast of these advancements. They have a direct impact on our work, namely in the area of cleaning and sterilization and the information associated with these new advancements within our work place. They might be some of the greatest inventions, but, if we do not know how to clean and sterilize them before they arrive in our facility, issues will arise. Last week some of the updates dealt with new technology and how it is impacting healthcare. One article focused on the space program and the need for our exploration to continue because so many advancements in medicine have come from our space program. Another article dealt with how small our surgical instruments and equipment are becoming. Within that article they talked about design features and challenges. The means by which we keep well informed are changing daily for all of us. I can remember when there were merely a few sources of information made available that came only from a catalog and what the sales person provided. Now we have many different modes to gather information. Hopefully, we are helping you in that area by sharing news that you may not be aware of, like these articles from publications you might not have access to. Medical advancements are not going to stop; our need for information and knowledge is not going to stop; how we get that knowledge and information is continually changing. This point was made in the article dealing on WIFI and our ability to get information. Remember, if you do not know an answer, keep asking until you find out; you have a lot of different modes to get your answer than just a few years ago. We at Healthmark will do our best to keep you informed so that you can make a difference in the quality of care you deliver.


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