I hope you all enjoyed your 4th of July weekend and had the opportunity to gather with friends and family or get away for a long weekend. I enjoyed the weekend out on the lake and had a barbecue with my family. When I was preparing to cook on the grill this weekend, I accidentally tore a hole in my cover. I never noticed it before, but there are a few sharp edges around the grill that can cause tears and rip the material of the cover. When pulling the cover off, it can easily get caught on sharp edges. This can be a common occurrence with wrapped trays in the CSSD and why we have introduced the Silicone Corner Hugs. They are intended to help prevent rips and tears to CSSD wrapped trays caused by sharp edges, improper handling and tray feet. The unique rounded design "hugs" the corner for extra protection and convenient stacking with wire mesh baskets. Make sure you keep your trays safe and secure, and give them plenty of hugs!


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