When testing equipment, it is important to keep logged records of the performance of each machine to ensure that it's routinely working effectively. You may keep many reports or records on written log sheets or in some sort of excel database. These methods can be difficult to organize and track efficiently over time. Healthmark has announced the ProFormaceQA™ 2.1 software that is now available as a cloud-based application. This software is available at no cost to users. ProFormanceQA™2.1 is a secure database that allows you to record key statistics for the performance of your decontamination procedures, including the test results from Healthmark's ProFormance™ line of monitoring products. With this web-based application you can record data, use the information to generate impactful reports and track the performance of your cleaning equipment over a period of time. To begin the setup process, go to www.ProformanceQA.com. Then, please call 800-521-6224 ext. 6657 or email ProformanceQA@hmark.com to schedule a call with the ProFormanceQA Help Desk.


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