As the weather heats up, everyone looks for the best ways to stay cool. Hot, muggy weather means your body needs extra attention. Recently, Kit Harbert of Display Manufacturing wore the evaporative cooling neck band while setting up and tearing down show displays at IAHCSMM in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. "We put the Cool Aids on and felt a noticeable cooling effect. We wore them for the next 4 hours of exhibit assembly, what a relief in the stuffy, hot exhibit hall." The cooling skull caps kept Matthew Hiltz, of Handymen Hiltz, and his crew cool while working on a rooftop in the heat. "The skull cap added just the right amount of relief from the heat." Risks of getting too hot can include dehydration or overheating and possibly suffering from heat exhaustion. Keeping your body cool also helps to keep your mood calm, free of stress, tension and frustration. While there are several ways to stay cool in warm weather, Healthmark offers a simple and effective solution with our Cool Aid line of PPE products. Designed to keep staff cool in the SPD, Operating Room or Endoscopy, these lightweight, latex-free cooling devices are now being utilized in other trades. From outside to indoors, from rooftops to ORs...the Cool Aid products provide relief and comfort to anyone who needs to beat the heat!


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