Innovative technology doesn't stop with the design of the surgical instrument. It seems like the more technical the surgical equipment is, the more of a challenge it becomes to clean. Often, there needs to be a tool created to properly clean this new instrument. A great example of this is the Flexible Endoscope. There was no ordinary brush that could clean this equipment so something had to be created specifically for it. One of the more innovative brushes created is the endoscope brush. They are made to be long enough, small enough and pliable enough to clean flexible endoscopes. They reach up to about 250 centimeters in length and have a diameter range from 0.8 to 5.0 millimeters. Disposable styles are becoming more popular especially for GI scopes. Brushes are one of the cleaning tools that continue to evolve in the healthcare industry. As new instruments are invented, the CSSD strives to find the best methods in order to clean them. Remember the correct brush (size & fit) is a great tool in making sure the item is properly reprocessed.


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