We had a story last week about the Mercy Ships asking for volunteers for the OR Sterilizer Team Leader or for an OR Sterilizer position for the 2011 mission. This got me to thinking about sharing my recent volunteering experience of going to Haiti to building schools and that experience has made me realize how important it is for all of us to be active in giving back. I have volunteered in other ways before this trip, like many of us. I have worked with my church and many of my professional groups, giving back when asked my time or knowledge. The type of volunteering of my recent trip was different. I am still sorting out my feelings and I am three weeks removed from my trip. While building the schools, I realized the importance of team work and having the right tools for the job. Many times we found ourselves not having the right nail or screw for the job. We learned to improvise and make due. Also, I realized how important schools are to the people of Haiti. Schools offer a place of hope for the children, a place where they can feel safe for a few hours a day. The one camp we were building at had 20,000 people in make-shift tents. The school, when done, would be the only building with a foundation, roof, and protection from weather conditions (the flooring would be off the ground about a 12 inches to prevent flooding). I had never built a basic structure before, but I did learn to be more organized and to use my time and supplies wisely. As I stated earlier, I am still sorting out my feelings and hope to share them with you later.


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