Who and what is CAMDR? You might be asking. It stands for the Canadian Association of Medical Device Reprocessing. Their mantra is "Ensuring patient safety wherever reprocessing is practiced." The event location was Winnipeg, Manitoba from October 16-19, 2014. There, over 250 people from around the world came together for the first national meeting on medical device reprocessing ever in Canada. There are some great provincial meetings held in Canada each year, but this was the first time Canadians from all over convened to talk about medical device reprocessing in their country and listen to a variety of speakers. They were users, industry experts, manufacturers, distributors and research scientists. It was a perfect blend for interaction between all parties that deal with medical device reprocessing. The presentations were informative, thought provoking. The networking during this meeting was great. This meeting again showed like others that you can have speakers from all venues exchange ideas and present information in a way that informs and educates. My hats off to the committee that brought their fellow countrymen to a national meeting to "make a difference" and they accomplished that . So with the first CAMDR finished and the next one is in the planning stage. This group has come up with a novel idea, hold a national meeting every 2 years. So mark down on your calendars the 2nd CAMDR which will be in 2016 in Toronto, Ontario from October 13 - 16. Details will be posted soon. CAMDR has an active website and you can make it one of your favorites, it is: www.camdr.ca I do hope for our readers of the Healthmarket Digest that they try and make this meeting in 2016. It is worth going to. I plan on being there and I hope you do also! Take care and remember to always "Keep it Clean",


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