Just a few weeks ago, the California Central Service Association celebrated its 30th year as a professional group while hosting their annual meeting in Las Vegas. During their yearly business gathering, the association took time to recognize individuals who have supported CCSA over the 30 years since its inception. Organizers specifically reached out to past speakers to return and speak at this year's meeting. Although little did the speakers know that they'd be honored for their dedication and support to CCSA over the years. Industry professionals such as myself, Rose Seavey, Chuck Hughes, Richard Schule, Bob Mars, Vivian Watson, Arthur Henderson, and David Jagrosse all received special recognition for our continued support over the years. In my own experience, I had the privilege to first speak in 1998 and have since spoken three other times. It was humbling and an honor to receive such recognition. In addition, one of the highlights of the event was the honoring of Doug Kruger from Kem Medical as the only vendor who consistently displayed all 30 years. For those unaware, Doug is the originator of the "Sterile Bowl" concept, and for veteran industry professionals to witness Doug receive recognition was beyond a pleasure considering his long-time support for our field of work. In conclusion, the meeting had again showed that when people with a common cause get together they can in fact make a difference. CCSA - we wish you the best of luck on another 30 years, and sincerely thank you for providing quality meetings as a resource for your members to network and grow in the field of sterile processing.


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