What does "Chewing the fat" and health care have in common? I think a lot. March, to me, starts of the season of conferences and meetings. This past week we have posted links to many of the upcoming meetings in March, from AORN in Denver to the ASEPTIC SURGERY FORUM, in Paris, 3/26/ & 3/27 - 2010. The colorful phrase "Chewing the fat" originated on the high seas. It was a time with no refrigeration and one of the common foods was salted pork. Sailors would eat everything, including the fat. It was while they were "chewing the fat", that they talked about everything, thus "chewing the fat" became associated with "idle chatter". We all know meetings are a great way to network and a lot of the real business is done outside of the formal meetings at the vendor's booth, around eating and in the hallways. So if you are going to any of these meetings, please make sure you "chew the fat" with some of your peers and share your ideas and great accomplishments with them. Do you have a meeting or seminar you want posted and shared with the readers of Healthmarket Digest? If so, email us your link and we will post it for all to read.


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