When working around electricity, I take every precaution possible. This includes shutting down the power source; live wires aren’t usually visually detectable until it's too late. Any electrical equipment I use, I inspect to make sure the cords aren’t frayed and the insulation isn’t damaged. It doesn’t take much, even a pin hole can be enough to cause injury. I have been shocked once, and I have made it a point ever since to never repeat the experience. In the medical field, laparoscopic and bipolar electrosurgical instruments are common and can potentially cause serious injury or even death if not properly insulated. Defects such as pinholes, cracks and bare spots in the jacket or coating aren’t always going to be visually detectable. Insulation testing is important to check the integrity of electrosurgical equipment for flaws in protective coatings. That coating is there in order to prevent inadvertent tissue burns, which may occur during electrosurgical instrument procedures. Implementing routine inspections with insulation testers will help ensure your equipment is working properly and keep patients and healthcare workers safe.


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