People often use clothes as a means to express themselves. It’s like a blank canvas; we have endless amounts of colors and designs to choose from when styling our clothing. Many people look at clothing as an artistic choice, as an inalienable right to express oneself. Still, maybe it isn’t always so deep or impassioned; wearing different styles, designs and colors can be just plain fun! When it comes to personal protection equipment (PPE) for hospital employees and healthcare professionals, there hasn’t been so many artistic choices. Most scrub hats and bouffant caps come in the usual colors like white or blue. Of course, headwear in the hospital setting has to restrain hair to limit it as a possible contaminant, and patient safety and proper cleaning comes before fashion and self-expression (with PPE) every time; but now, we no longer have to choose between the two! Healthmark has found a way to bring individual choice and fun design to PPE in a way that doesn’t compromise patient safety. That’s why we created You can choose PPE that fits your personality, and you can even choose a design of your own to print onto our scrub hats (disposable or reusable) or disposable bouffant caps, all while maintaining proper coverage for patient safety. For the Michigan State University fans or alumni, we’ve just released officially licensed MSU reusable scrub hats, disposable scrub hats and disposable bouffant caps in a variety of styles. Check them out! This is the first of what we expect to be many such designs for college sports teams, based upon our licensing agreement with IMG! So, be on the lookout for more college team designs in the future.


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