Twice a year we get to decide whether we prefer to Fall Back or Spring Forward. My preference is Fall Back. I just like gaining an hour of sleep. Better than that, for at a few weeks I find it easier to get going in the morning. It is an understatement to say I am not the type that hops right up in the morning when the alarm goes off. My snooze button is well worn. But after the clocks move back an hour, I find it a lot easier, as my body clock is still on the old time. Of course the downside of this time of year is that daylight is dwindling, which means heading to work in the dark, and leaving the office in the dark. I think this is the time of year when sunlight deprivation really does have an impact on peoples moods and energy. There is one antidote to that, and that is the excitement of the coming Holiday seasons. With that extra energy in the morning, I can invest that in preparation for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Wouldn't it be nice if we could hit a button and gain an hour in our lives when we need it? Button like that might be more well worn than my snooze button.


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