All of us occasionally require support, supplies and services from someone that we are talking to on the other end of a telephone. We may talk with that person only once or speak to them on many occasions. Sometimes once can be enough!! That doesn't seem to be the case with one of Healthmark's newest customer service representatives, Abby Markielewicz. Abby started with Healthmark earlier this year and has become just one of the many talented people I am lucky enough to call part of Healthmark team. I learned early in my career how important each team member is to its overall success. Whether you are a healthcare provider or a supplier; we all are working together toward the same goal of delivering exceptional patient care. I'd like to share an example of some great teamwork on both sides! Shortly after Abby started in customer service, she and I had the opportunity to work closely with Rush University Medical Center, in Chicago, Illinois. Rush was working on a house-wide initiative for their clinics that would require Healthmark's services and supplies. Rush is also fortunate enough to have a great team of people working in their facility. Abby and I were able to work with many of them over the summer. Abby's daily interaction with Colleen McDevitt, the project manager and Mary Silver in Materials Management, helped to keep the project on track and everyone informed at every junction. Once Rush had completed their project with Healthmark, Abby traveled from our offices in Fraser, MI to Chicago so that she could continue some of her Customer Service training. Part of that training was to meet with the customers she supports. One of our visits was to Rush to meet Colleen, Rachel and Mary. Rush hosted lunch on site. Colleen, Mary and Rachel shared their healthcare backgrounds and provided Abby and me with great insight to the provider side of the healthcare equation. Mary Silver has been with Rush for many years and her experiences and stories were fun to hear! It was great to have a chance as a team to celebrate the completion of the project! - Bittersweet! What a great time everyone had getting to meet face to face. Thank you to Rush and to Abby.


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