As a kid, I remember the build up of excitement and anticipation to Halloween night. My sister, cousins and I would go trick or treating together and every year would always turn into a competition of who received the most candy. I was the youngest and smallest, so naturally I would lose every year. One year in particular I will never forget. I was about 7 or 8 years old and I was at the age where I started really growing and almost able to keep up with the big kids. This was going to be my year that I could beat my older sister. My big, durable bag was ready to fill with candy! While I may have been almost as fast as my sister I did not factor in the design of my costume. My costume was a homemade robot made from a cardboard box wrapped with aluminum foil. The aerodynamic design wasn't optimal for running, but that didn't stop me from trying to keep up that year. About halfway down the block, I caught up to my sister and as I received my candy I started heading towards the next house. As I was leaving the porch, I suddenly felt a shove behind that sent me into our neighbor's bushes. Because my costume was a box, I was stuck laying there unable to move until one of the parents came and got me out. While I was laying in the bushes I could hear my sister laughing from a distance. Well, my sister did beat me again that year and while she didn't admit it, I think we all know who pushed me in the bushes! Have a Happy Halloween!


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