Just last week AORN made an announcement concerning hand washing. If you missed that story... Read it here This is important information for anybody who is working in an OR and needs to "scrub in". Hand washing is so important in preventing infection not only in the hospital environment but also in our daily lives. The article made me think of how many times I see people not wash their hands after using the restroom or just before eating. Why is that? I can hear my mother now, "Stevie, did you wash your hands?!" I would reply "Yes mother, I did". As with many things, hand washing is something we learn to do at an early age. I have found a web page that celebrates hand washing and actually has hints to help all ages understand the importance of hand washing. Cleaning 101 - Hand Hygiene Also, I learned from the web page that we have a National Clean Hands Week that will take place September 20-26, 2009. As medical professionals we need to make sure that the others understand the importance of washing their hands, not only for surgical cases, but in everyday life. Remember 'Clean hands can save a life".


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