Christmas week has arrived and boy was that fast! My wife is in retail and this is her busiest time of year. I can tell you that she has made me acutely aware that this is the shortest Christmas season there can be - that is the fewest number of days between Thanksgiving and Christmas, 25. For those of us who do not think about buying presents until after Thanksgiving Day, that puts us under pressure. Last year we had 31 days. This year just 25, so it exacerbates the panic. Hopefully you have managed to get your shopping done, with a minimum of hassle, frustration and delay. I know when I am out shopping with the crowds, I remind myself that this is the season for joy and good cheer. So I bear it with a smile while in the long checkout lane! To you and yours, please have a very merry Holiday season, full of joy and smiles! p.s., While we at Healthmark are looking forward to a joyous season, there is a little sorrow in our hearts for the loss of our longtime employee and friend Sharon Books. Our thoughts are with her family during this difficult time.


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