This week is dedicated to the 160,000+ Perioperative Nurses across the United States who assist in the planning, execution, and assessment of treatment for patients undergoing surgery and other invasive procedures. Perioperative nurses play a key role in patient health and safety and specialize in patient care before, during, and after these procedures. Perioperative Nurses Week recognizes the valuable role that perioperative nurses play in delivering quality care to patients. To celebrate, Healthmark is promoting custom printed single-use scrub hats and bouffants from our Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) line. The use of PPE is an essential part of keeping hospital ORs, patients, as well as hospital personnel safe and sterile during surgical and other invasive procedures. Click here to check out other PPE offered by Healthmark. On behalf of Healthmark Industries, I would like to take a moment to say thank you to all Perioperative Nurses for their tireless commitment to ensuring the safety and care of surgical patients. We appreciate your efforts to make the healthcare industry a better place. Have a happy Perioperative Nurse Week!


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