Happy Valentine's Day! : My wife and I decided to celebrate Valentine's Day early this year since the day falls during the week. On Saturday, we went out to a new Italian restaurant in Birmingham, Michigan (Bella Piatti - in case you are interested - excellent) and then headed home. My wife loves chocolate! Particularly See's Chocolates. So my job was easy - purchase a heart shaped box of assorted chocolates from See's. To be sure I got the best for her, I ordered the largest size. Now I have purchased from See's before, so I had a certain expectation of the size of the chocolate box. But I was wrong. It was huge! I apologized to my wife for getting such a large box of chocolate - but she said that was not necessary - I could make the same mistake in the future. CSSD is often referred to as the heart of the hospital. These dedicated professionals are the key to the delivery of clean and sterile instruments for patient care. But these are also the unsung heroes of health care. It seems the only time their efforts are noticed is when a mistake is made. When they do things well, usually there is silence. So let's recognize the heart of the hospital this Valentine's Day, for like the box of chocolates I got my wife, they have huge hearts.


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