I don't follow college basketball regularly during the season, but I do enjoy the excitement of the March Madness tournament. It's instantly attention grabbing watching 64 of the top teams compete at the end of the season. Each team is assigned in a bracket by seeding of your team's season performance. One loss and your season is over. Sometimes, there are stunning unpredicted upsets that often come down to the last shot of the game. I watched a game this year that was won by the last basket scored, but after looking at the replay, it looked like the ball didn't leave his hand in time before the buzzer went off. At first glance it looked like the correct call, but upon review there was more than meets the eye. It draws similarities to cleaning surgical instruments. Some can appear clean, but upon inspection you may determine it is not completely clean. When setting up your own review at your optical inspection station, use proper lighting and magnifier products to properly inspect surgical instruments that have been cleaned. If you determine it has not been properly cleaned, send it back to be reprocessed. Using the right optical products will help you make the right call each and every time.


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