We have all seen those Back to School signs and sales lurking since the 4th of July. Now September is upon us and kids (and parents) are gearing up for another school year. Papers, pencils, and of course, hand sanitizer are just a few of the tools your child will need to be prepared. As a parent of a high schooler and preschooler, my daughters have two very different attitudes about the upcoming academic year. My goal is to help both of them be prepared at the beginning and throughout the school year. In addition to reading with my preschooler and helping the oldest with her difficult homework, I try to encourage and support a love for learning. In the real world, that "love for learning" dissipates as soon as we toss that graduation cap into the air. But the learning and education really never stops. "Continuing Education" must be achieved in many professions. This is especially true in the ever changing medical field. Individuals are required to attend educational seminars, watch videos or read professional journals to improve their competence and for their professional and personal growth. Healthmark Industries offers fun and educational games to earn CEUs! Crazy for Clean games are focused on the proper reprocessing of surgical instruments. Games are a great way to learn, they simulate experiences that teach you new skills while you're entertained. Instead of logging a high score, you earn rewards of real value, CEU's. Visit www.CrazyforClean.com to start playing, learning, and earning!


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