Two weeks ago, a group of volunteers from Healthmark joined Trinity Episcopal Church Detroit, formerly known as The Spirit of Hope, in Detroit, Michigan, to provide meals to the hungry and those in need. Though the name has changed, Trinity Episcopal’s aim remains the same, to offer a safe space for the community, feeding programs, recovery groups and to provide a free medical clinic (operated by medical students). Trinity Episcopal serves lunch several times a week, and on Saturday, February 8th, those from Healthmark were happy to be a part of that lunch service. They provided warm meals in addition to friendly faces. Keith Devlin, a long time volunteer of Trinity Episcopal and Healthmark employee, reflected on his experience, “You just get a good feeling from helping others.” Those from Healthmark are no strangers to community service, having a 3 year relationship with Trinity Episcopal and providing six meals (as well as servicing those meals) a year. Although volunteers are often called for during the holidays, there are always opportunities to get involved year-round. If you're not local, visit the link below to find a volunteer opportunity near you!


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