The year is 1962, and the California Surfing music is just starting to peak. A duo called Jan and Dean release a song called Here They Come From All Over the World. The opening lines go like this: “They're comin' from all over the world… Hey, everybody, see 'em arrivin' The greatest stars you'll ever see Some are flyin' and some are drivin' From Liverpool to Tennessee…” During the IAHCSMM meeting in Anaheim, California, Mary Ann Drosnock and myself were invited to speak at the WFHSS 2019 meeting in The Hague in the Netherlands, taking place October 30th to November 2nd, 2019. We both were elated and honored to be invited. For me, it will be 20 years since I spoke at this meeting. I was honored to speak on parametric release in 1999 when it was held in Orlando. Once I came down from “cloud nine”, the song by Jan and Dean popped into my head. The WFHSS is a place where medical device reprocessing professionals from all over the world come and share ideas. The 2019 IAHCSMM Annual Conference also had many people from around the world. I saw the president of the WFHSS Dr. Christie Denis while attending various sessions. IAHCSMM had many international speakers this year and the interactions were excellent. The momentum from IAHCSMM combined with the WFHSS meeting creates great opportunities for discussion of ideas that can impact our profession world wide. What I like about the WFHSS is that it does bring more people from around the world together. For me, being from the US, this provides a great opportunity for me to learn from those fellow professionals. This is my 5th WFHSS, so I have been blessed to attend so many. To my US counterparts, there is still time to attend. You don’t want to miss it! When you get down to the basic facts, regardless of where you work in the world, medical device reprocessors have “two basic functions to ensure that any medical device is clean and functional.” In any part of the world, you either sterilize or high-level disinfect devices for the clinician to safely treat their patients. What a wonderful feeling that is, not many people can say that what they do can change someone’s life. On behalf of the Healthmark team, we hope to see you at The Hague. Not only to hear us speak, but to stop by our booth. Because we, like so many of you, will be “coming from all over the world”.


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